Why Choose Aluminium From
Aluminium Fencing and Privacy Solutions?

So why aluminium? What are the major benefits of this unique metal?
Aluminium is a light weight, high strength material that is used is virtually every facet of the modern construction industry from patio doors in homes to curtain walling on the tallest sky scrappers. Because of these unique properties It is incredibly formable and can be bent or shaped into innumerable architectural designs. Aluminium is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion caused by modern industrial pollutants and requires little long term maintenance. The lifespan of aluminium products is measured in decades rather than years.

Strength – Durability – Flexibility – Lightweight
Corrosion-resistant – Recyclable


Increase your home’s value
Transform your home with elegant and functional window dressings from AFAPS. Furnishing windows with aluminium or finishing entrances with stylish aluminium gates enhances and refines the beauty of a home´s design, creating a feeling of luxury, style and sophistication.
Today, some of Australia´s most elegant homes have been literally transformed with the stylish range of aluminium products available from AFAPS.
You will find our products ideal for the sub-tropical climate.
Whether you use them to bring together indoor and outdoor spaces, or to complement the surrounding environment, the clean, simple lines of aluminium create an outstanding result. Timeless in their appeal, they create a fashionable and enduring look that will be cherished for many years to come. They also maintain their value better than any other product.

Block Heat and Sun, Control Airflow
With aluminium privacy screens, louvres or shutters, you easily maintain a comfortable environment with the practical benefits of light, heat and air control. Aluminium has excellent thermal insulation qualities, keeping out the heat in summer and maintaining warmth in winter.
Our products also allow for maximum control of light and ventilation. They can easily let light in while reducing glare by using our cleverly concealed operating mechanisms to control and angle the light entering the area.

Ensure Privacy and Security
For privacy and comfort, our privacy screens, louvres or shutters are unbeatable. You will enjoy privacy all year round, with totally adjustable privacy levels. Both external and internal shutters can be fitted with locks for extra security for the home or business premises. Safe and secure, aluminium screens and gates provide a distinctive alternative to conventional doors, providing privacy, yet allowing air and light to circulate freely.
Lastly, our products have excellent sound absorption qualities, blocking outside noise and creating peace and tranquility in the home.

Value for Money
You’ll be surprised at the low cost and high quality of our products. We are also pleased to provide installation and after sales support. Our solid construction and fittings mean the products keep working for you year after year, providing an excellent investment over the long term.

Guaranteed to Delight You
Our products are Australian made for Australian conditions! We use aluminium as the most striking feature of this material is its durability – it will last many years even in strong sunlight.
Most importantly, you can rest assured that we only use the highest quality products in the industry ensuring lifelong and trouble free service. All our work is guaranteed to delight you. On installation, our installer will go over the installed product with you to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Easy Installation
We are pleased to offer installation by qualified craftsmen, with installations usually completed on the same day. Our installers leave the site spotless, and install your products within your schedule with minimum disruption to you, meaning you don´t have to waste any of your time.
If you prefer to handle installation yourself, our products are available in kit form.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal
Aluminium has a unique aesthetic appeal, with a style and simplicity that’s unmatched in Australia. Perfect for both formal and casual living spaces, indoor and outdoor, our products are custom made to fit you exact shape and size requirements.