What Things to Avoid When Choosing an Aluminium Fence for Your Place?

Posted on: May 9th, 2013 by AFAPS No Comments

1. Avoid a company that only carries one or two aluminium fence panel styles for this will only give you limited choices in which you might get the wrong fence and you will be paying more for it. The more options a company can offer the better chance of getting the look you are after.

2. Never entertain a company that is known for its poor quality service. Although there are things that we cannot really avoid, companies offering poor service even from the start of a transaction do not deserve our hard earned money. There are issues that we should not tolerate, like: rude and unkind staff, unreliability and delay of service. There are also things that we should look for in a company providing fences for us and one of these is knowledgeable staff. They should have a fence specialist whom the customers can ask any questions or concerns regarding installation of aluminium systems in Brisbane. Someone that can assist you all throughout your buying process, confident, and knows what he is talking about, for this will give you the confidence as well in the right kind of fence that you will be using.

3. Low quality fences from China are a no-no. The problem with these fences is that they do not last long and have limited options. A year or two from installation, fences bend when you lean on them or become shaky because of poor quality brackets used. Look for a company that has proven and tested aluminium fence panels in Brisbane. They usually offer limited warranties and can provide you with a sampler fence to check first. High quality fences are durable and well-designed. They are beautiful in designs and unique. The generic fences from China are of low quality and prone to peeling and cracking.

4. Avoid fence quotes that usually take too long to get and have hidden charges. Usually the best aluminium fence panels in Brisbane are those from companies where quotes are easier to get for they have trained and knowledgeable staff. Everything should be stated in the quote including hidden charges, shipping fees, delivery fees, installation and other charges.

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