Commonly Asked Questions… and our answers to them

How much does Aluminium Fencing cost?

I am often asked how much does aluminium fencing cost when compared to alternatives.

Well typically the raw cost of aluminium is about 3 times that of timber.

However you must remember the longevity comparison of the two. Aluminium is not only more stylish and customizable, it will also last a lifetime where as timber will need continuous maintenance, and is subject to warping, white ants & rotting.

Our customers tell us that the additional upfront cost of choosing aluminium for their fencing or privacy solutions is worth every cent for the finish and value that it adds to their property. Nothing compares to the quality, style and longevity of aluminium.

What is involved to have you quote me for a job?

If you were wondering how to arrange for us to provide you with a quote for your project, simply give us a call or email us and we`ll be happy to schedule a time which best suits to come out and visit you. We will discuss the result you are wanting to achieve, present options, and advise you about any opportunities or pitfalls before measuring up your job so that we can provide you with a 100% no hidden extras, fixed price quote.

We can be contacted by phone on 0407 785 852 or you can email us on

Explain your 100% Fixed Price Guarantee

I’m regularly asked how our 100% fixed price guarantee works.

Quite simply, if we come out, visit your property and measure up to quote for the result you are wanting to achieve, you want to know that you are not going to be hit up later with costs that were originally not allowed for.

When we provide you with a quote, that’s it. It’s 100% Fixed

If there is anything which has been overlooked we don`t hide it in the fine print and charge extra when the job has been done. Our price is as quoted giving you the confidence and certainty that you deserve, so that you can plan and budget without the added worry of blowouts.

How do I know you’ll even turn up if I make an appointment with you?

We’ve all heard stories about contractors in the construction industry who make appointments with customers and turn up late… if at all. We are serious about commitment to this issue.  If we make an appointment with you, rest assured we will turn up on time. In fact, we Guarantee it. If our consultant is even 1 minute late to an arranged appointment with you, he will happily hand you $50 cash to apologise for wasting your valuable time. In addition, if your consultant is more than 15 minutes late and has not given you at least 2 hours notice that he is running late, he will also hand you a crisp green $100 bill as compensation for wasting your time.
Your time is valuable and the last thing you want or need is an inconsiderate contractor working on your property.

What post-completion Guarantees do you offer to protect me?

To protect you beyond the completion of our installation at your property, we provide a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee on all our supplied and installed products. If, within 14 days of installation for whatever reason you are not totally happy with the product, workmanship or finish of any aspect of your installation, we will rectify or replace any supplied product at no cost to you until you are unconditionally satisfied. If for any reason we cannot meet your expectations, we will remove any unsatisfactory installation, refund your investment 100% and hand you $100 cash as our unequivocal apology.
In addition we guarantee for life that any product supplied and installed by us in non coastal situations against corrosion, rust or defective workmanship. An industry first and proof to you that we back our quality long beyond our competitors.

How long will it take from when I place an order to installation?

From when an order is placed to when your installation takes place is usually around two to three weeks. Every job is different, with some requiring longer to fabricate than other so we promise to keep you informed and updated at all times.
To allow for your planning, we will provide you with a minimum of 7 days advance notice of your installation date. If for any reason under our control your installation is delayed beyond that date we have committed to, we will compensate you $100 per day.
Another Aluminium Fencing And Privacy Solutions service guarantee to you, which gives you confidence and certainty.

Do I need to be at home for you to come and quote a job?

Sometimes I am asked if we require you to be present when we attend your property to quote you for your job. Because we give a guaranteed fixed price, we need to meet with you to fully understand your requirements and explain all options. Quite often people ask for a quote on a gate and they get quotes for a gate without meeting the consultant to discuss options. However not all gates are the same and only by understanding your specific needs and desires can the best solution be offered that prevents unnecessary delay if what is supplied does not meet your expectations.

How do I pay?

Upon acceptance of your 100% fixed price quote a deposit of 60% is required to get the ball rolling and for the fabricator to begin production. The balance is payable on completion.
Payments can be made by cash, cheque or direct deposit into our bank account.

Many tradesmen are messy, how can I be sure that you won’t leave a mess behind?

At Aluminium Fencing and Privacy Solutions we take pride in our professionalism and service from first contact through to final completion and beyond of your individual project. This extends to our tradesmen who are onsite installing your fence, gates, screens or panels. Our tradesmen will perform a final check on completion and ensure that no mess or evidence of their being is left behind. In fact, if you are not fully satisfied with the state your job has been left I will personally come out and clean up for you until you are happy.

Is all of your product Australian made?

Many people ask if our product is Australian made from Australian materials. All of our products are fabricated and finished in Australia with locally sourced materials where possible. We share our customers’ wishes for Australian product and will choose Australian over imported where possible and available. Unfortunately availability of Australian manufactured aluminium is becoming limited due to local industry being unable to compete with imported materials. If we have to choose imported product we always ensure the highest quality and will naturally honor all our product, finish and workmanship guarantees as stated.

Do I need to be at home when installation is carried out?

Although not necessary, you are more than welcome to be present at the time of installation. Our installers are friendly and guaranteed not to bite. However rest assured your job will be completed to your satisfaction whether you are present or not.

Aren’t all Aluminium Fencing Companies the same?

No, sorry to be blunt but not all Fencing companies are the same. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” extends to the fencing industry. We specialise in Aluminium Fencing and Privacy Solutions. So that is what we do best.

Some companies get you to sign up for a cheap standard price then once you`re committed hit you with additional hidden costs that are disguised in cleverly designed contractual clauses.

Others will quote budget prices and after a year or so you find out that for example, the gate does not close properly because the post was too weak to hold the weight of the gate. Always read the fine print and make sure you compare apples with apples. Not all quotes are the same & just because the job looks the same it does not mean they will both have the same longevity or guarantees. You will find no other company in the Fencing industry like “Aluminium Fencing And Privacy Solutions” which is prepared to offer the same professionalism, service and guarantees that give you the customer confidence, certainty and peace of mind when making your final decision for such a purchase.